Where We Ride

Safety First

Before any rider joins us on the trails, we go through the fundamentals of riding safely. A properly functioning bike is a safe bike. To ensure each bike is ready to ride, riders learn how to check their brakes, shifters, handle bars and tire pressure. Next they learn about riding within their limits and riding under control.

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Bike Handling Skills

Every class will cover technical aspects of riding to improve your rider’s bike handling skills. Sometimes we play games on the bikes, sometimes the skills are taught with drills. In any case, everyone will get the chance to put their new skills to the test while exploring the trails.

Fun for All Ages

Whether your rider has never ridden a trail before or is looking to get better at riding bowls, steep downhills and burms, we welcome all levels of riders at any age. It’s never too late to start! And you’re not too young to hit the trails.