If you have questions about the suitability of the bike you plan to use for the season, contact your head coach BEFORE registering, there are NO REFUNDS.  

Mountain biking is a sport, like many others, that requires a certain minimum level of equipment to maintain a safe environment for our youth.  Big box store bikes, aka Wal-Mart and Target in general, are not acceptable for the riding that we participate in.   Most big box stores’ Mountain Bikes’ have a sticker on them that states “Not for off-road use.” The front suspension or “fork” is inadequate, and the rear” shock” doesn’t provide any functionality to the ride and safety.  We highly recommend bikes from your neighborhood bike shop – a specialty product that needs to be sized, assembled correctly, and professionally serviced.

 At a minimum, bikes must have functional front and rear brakes, bar end plugs, stem cap, and tires no narrower than 1.75″.  

NEYC strives to make everyone feel welcome and can assist with getting a proper bike to use for one season.   The league has a loaner fleet that is available to any in financial need.  Again contact your head coach BEFORE registering.  There are NO REFUNDS.