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Training with Power

Training with power results in measurable success and takes the guesswork out of training.

What is FTP?

Functional Threshold Power is the highest power you can maintain for an hour.

Maximize Saddle Time

Training with power means making the most out of every minute you spend training.

Training with Power

You can have a great workout and not even know it.

Training with a power meter gives you a measurable gauge of your output and fitness. No more, “Oh, I had a good day,” or “I had a bad race, I am so out of shape.” The numbers don’t lie. You could feel weak but actually, have good numbers, and vice versa.

I am going to teach you what those power numbers mean and how to use them to motivate yourself to go at a certain pace during your intervals based on your current level of fitness. This is why anyone at any fitness level can take my class.

What is FTP?

The key to measuring your fitness gains.

FTP or Functional Threshold Power is the highest power you can maintain for an hour. When power exceeds FTP, fatigue will occur much sooner, whereas power just below FTP can be maintained much longer.

Lactate threshold is the point during exercise at which you begin to accumulate lactic acid in your blood. This is “the burn” that you feel in your legs during high exertion. It’s a powerful predictor of your endurance performance ability.

It’s also what power-based cycling programs (including mine) are based upon. All of the power zones are based upon a percentage of your lactate threshold or Functional Threshold Power.

Maximize Saddle Time

No more junk miles.

We all lead busy lives, some of ours are busier than others’. When you struggle to find time for yourself, to take care of your health and fitness and can’t even imagine committing to a regular riding schedule, fear no more. My hour-long workouts are the key to building and sustaining your highest level of fitness on the bike.

Cecily M.

Where would I be without Valerie. I have been training with Valerie in both Cycling and Strength for the past year. My all-round fitness is grown in leaps and bounds….. or should I say lunges and intervals. I am stronger today than I was in my 20’s. (and I am a lot older than that now!) Valerie is always positive and encouraging. There is never a “weakness” but an opportunity to work on the “limiter”. She is excellent at describing each exercise and explaining what muscles are worked. Valerie is as excited as I am, if not more, when she sees my progress. All I can say is THANK YOU Valerie for being the best coach/trainer a person could ask for.

Margaret B.

Working with Val is so wonderful! The 45-minute Full Body Strength classes are so varied and interesting (though quite challenging) that the 45 minutes fly by! Val manages to mix it up from week to week and makes it easy to follow her with cheerful and precise cueing. The Training Peaks app makes accountability come into play. It’s great that Val always responds with feedback after receiving an update on the app. It is a pleasure to work with Val and the program does produce results if you are consistent!

Shoshy C.

I love working with Val. She creates a safe place to share goals and struggles. Val creates workouts that are helping me meet my goals while also making sure that the workouts are engaging and that they fit into my lifestyle. I have seen results in a few short months. Val checks my daily workouts and adjusts them appropriately. Her regular check ins and constant encouragement really round out the whole process and allow me to push harder.

Diane G.

Val brings a motivating blend of professionalism and cheerfulness to every workout. I look forward to every class!